Main Frame in New Frameset

Education: University of Massachusetts at Amherst, B.S. Computer Science.


Administrative: OSF/1, Solaris, Linux, SunOS, Windows NT, Ultrix, HPUX, IRIX, AIX, SCO, Mach, UnixWare, DYNIX, OSF/DCE, DFS, NFS including AMD (Berkeley Automounter), NIS/YP, TIS fwtk,www (scripting and administration),Kerberos V4, DNS, INN, DHCP, NT RAS,Sendmail v8, cisco routers, Veritas Netbackup
Programming: C, C++, MFC, Unix shell scripting, Perl, php, Tcl/Tk, SunRPC


4/98 - Present; Invincible Technology Corporation

Senior Unix Engineer

Responsible for maintaining lab network and unix machines as well as database integration with local intranet web site. Provided sales support via product demonstration of Veritas Netbackup and ATL tape libraries, and installation both locally and on customer premesis.

5/97 - Present; Seth Godwin Enterprises (Yoyodyne Entertainment)


Architected and deployed a unix/qmail based system for a subscription based email internet gaming system which processes over a million unique messages a week.

9/97 - 2/98; InUnity Corporation


Designed, deployed, and implemented a web based SEC document processing application which allows for the distribution of mutual fund prospecti over the World Wide Web. This sytem is currently in use by E*Trade for presenting prospecti to customers.

2/97 - 7/97; Wildfire Communications, Inc


Responsible for upgrading LAN from flat to switched and routed topology, characterizing and deploying production business systems on NT server platforms.

3/97 - Present; Cambridge Computing Services


Responsible for deployment and management of Internet network

2/97 - Present; Cardinal Systems

Principal Contractor

Responsible for providing consulting services to clients and maintaining local network infrastructure.

7/96 - 1/97; Borland International (Open Environment)


Responsible for maintenance of a large (300+ node) multi-site heterogeneous network consisting of unix, windows, windows NT, and macintosh clients. Facilitate connecting the above with a new parent company's network.

4/96 - 7/96; Addison-Wesley Longman


Identify and

10/95 - 4/96; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation


9/94 - 8/95; Open Environment Corporation

Systems Engineer

Development and deployment of a heterogeneous distributed computing environment to host both production development, corporate applications, and customer education. Administration of this environment (100+ node mixed network of UNIX, Windows 3.11, Windows 95,Windows NT, and Macintosh machines. Migration of the above environment to be based upon DCE/DFS.

9/93 - 9/94 Research Computing Facility, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Associate Software Specialist Systems administration and support for a large (800+ node) heterogeneous unix (multi-vendor), PC, and macintosh network. Migration of file and existing information services to the alpha platform. Introduction of WWW and SLIP/PPP services. Created a fault resilient information services environment to better handle hardware failures during the migration.

6/93 - 9/93; Research Computing Facility, University of Massachusetts at Amherst


System Administration for a large (800+ node network) involving request processing, inventory tracking, software installation, maintenance, and feasibility studies.

1/93 - 9/93; Visions Research Lab, University of Massachusetts at Amherst


Interests: Sailing, windsurfing, hiking, volleyball, cooking, Linux.